So, what does it mean it mean to plant a tree in the battersea station?

According to Petra, it means that you are able to fusion the subtle, pure and organic qualities of an item of clothing with the rough, grunge and underground qualities of another.


Our brand intends to combine and collaborate with different styles to create a new definition of fashion identity.

According to Petra, it means that you are able to portrait your love for psychedelic and techno music by simply putting your clothes on.



Clothes that will send you to the front row of a raving scene and the front line of  a climate strike the morning after.

According to Petra, it means wearing something that is exclusive and defines you.

Something that you will not see everywhere and anywhere. Something that tries to be as friendly with the environment as possible by producing at a local scale just for you, not the masses. 

                                   To conclude, according to Petra, “planting a tree in the Battersea station” simply means, PETRA.


We are a non-seasonable brand.